We were privileged enough to be included in an article written by Amy Gabay for Travel Wisconsin. Check it out below for some fun places to eat!

“This café offers what its name suggests – a charming view of the sailboats on Lake Pepin –along with attentive staff, and food so beautifully presented you will be tempted to take a quick picture of it. Harbor View is a small restaurant that’s big on flavor. Their unique eats are made with high-quality, fresh ingredients, with a dessert list that will keep you saving room for a sweet treat.

You’ll find a chalk board instead of paper menus among their fun décor. Some favorites grace the board daily, but the selection of entrées changes each day. Current menus can be found on Facebook if you want to take a peek ahead of time.

What to Eat: Good enough to be on the menu every day, the Alaskan Halibut is sautéed with black butter caper sauce.”

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