On September 27, 2021, ownership of the Harbor View Cafe transitioned from Ruth Stoyke after 32 years at the cafe (16 as an employee and 16 as owner with her partners Steve and Deb Berghs) to three Murray siblings; Missy, Wendy and Chris (Tim and Jane’s kids).

Missy Murray

Missy has worked part-time at the Harbor View Cafe for many seasons as part of the front of the house team, if you’ve eaten there in the last few years, she’s probably seated you, waited on you or made you a drink at the bar. If you stop by, she’s got ya covered!

Wendy Murray

Wendy recently retired from the Army, just like dear old dad, and came home to Pepin to start the next chapter in her life by taking on a new challenge as a restauranteur. She sure knows how to organize and prioritize. She’ll be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Harbor View Café.

Chris Murray

Finally, there is Chris, he’s the brother, and yes, there is a brother! You may see him on occasion, but are you sure it was him? He’ll be working behind the scenes, ninja style.